Challenges of Writing on the Road


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I’m on the blog site, A Slice of Orange, with an article on the “Challenges of Writing on the Road”. 

Click the link, Challenges of Writing on the Roadstop by, and let me know what how you meet the challenge.  

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Happy Writing, and stay healthy. 


Kelly Jensen – Writer of Love Stories, Bibliophile, Gamer, Hiker, Cat Herder, Waiting for the Aliens

Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group

Kelly_Jensen1Kelly Jensen, critically acclaimed and award winning Author, will join us at theGLVWG Write Stuff Writers Conference™, “2020 Vision”, on Saturday, March 14, at the Best Western Lehigh Valley Hotel & Conference Center.

Kelly will facilitate 3 sessions:

 Grab the Reader in the First Chapter

 Outlining is for Everyone



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If aliens ever do land on Earth, Kelly Jensen will not be prepared, despite having read over a hundred stories of the apocalypse. Still, she will pack her precious books into a box and carry them with her as she strives to survive. It’s what bibliophiles do. 

Kelly is the author of twelve novels, including the critically acclaimed Chaos Station series and the award-winning novel, Block and Strike. She has also published eight novellas and too many short stories to count. Some of what she writes is speculative in nature, but mostly it’s…

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Sarah Bolme – Author, Director of Christian Indie Publishing

Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group

Sarah Bolme largeSarah Bolme,  Director of Christian Indie Publishers Association (CIPA).will be at theGLVWG Write Stuff Writers Conference™, “2020 Vision”, on Saturday, March 14, at the Best Western Lehigh Valley Hotel & Conference Center.

Sarah will discuss:  

Three Things to do Before You Publish

The number of books published each year keeps increasing. With so much competition, it is difficult to stand out and get your book noticed. Doing the three things presented in this session before you publish a book helps every author—whether traditionally or self-published—get a jump start on marketing to make their book stand out among the competition.

Sarah will also be hosting Marketing Sessions throughout SaturdayTo sign up for a consultation session, follow the instructions on theregistration form. Your actual times for the consult will be assigned after registration is closed, and will be attached to your personal…

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Harrison Demchick – Author, Editor, Filmmaker, and Musician

Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group

Harrison Passport Photo 2Harrison Demchick, Author, Editor, Filmmaker, and Musician, will join us at theGLVWG Write Stuff Writers Conference™, “2020 Vision”, on Saturday, March 14, at the Best Western Lehigh Valley Hotel & Conference Center.

Harrison will facilitate 3 sessions.

Bad Math: How the Right and Left Brains Work Together

It’s the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine

The Blueprint, or Building the Perfect Draft

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Raised on a steady diet of magical realism, literary fiction, science-fiction, and Spider-Man comics,Harrison Demchickspent most of his formative years inside his own head, working out strange thoughts and ideas that would eventually make their way into stories, screenplays, and songs.

He went to Oberlin College to attain one of modern day’s most notoriously useless degrees, a BA in English with a creative writing concentration, but then actually used…

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I miss childish times when believing was unhampered by the distractions of adulthood; making a living, raising a family – you know, the stuff of life.  The little guy above; he doesn’t quite understand the meaning of a simple tree ornament, but he believes there is magic in his hand.

I attended holiday gatherings the last couple weeks with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. The inevitable question arose, “how’s the writing going?” I delivered the usual pitch; published a couple short stories; working on finishing another manuscript, etc. etc.

We’re expected to call ourselves writers when asked. It is part of shoring up the walls of self-belief. Folks who ask, respond as expected with, “Gee, that’s neat. What have you written?” Cue awkwardness. “Oh – uh – I write apocalyptic, little paranormal – got a couple short stories in a mag you never heard of – oh, there’s my wife. Can you excuse me a moment?”  

For those of us who write but have few if any credentials to show for our hard work, the magic of believing wanes over time.

When I first embarked on this venture decades ago, it was to prove that I had it in me to write a book. I had fun doing it. Wrote another. I believed in myself.  I graduated to magazine articles and crafting words for new stories. A real full-time job and being a parent kept the effort to stolen snippets of time. I wrote without a clue how the book industry worked, blissful in my belief that I was ready to test the literary waters.  

I discovered myself afloat against a tsunami of content and woke up on a desert isle of disbelief. Reality set in with the chain of five-percenters – five percent of all writers finish a book, five percent of that never submit, five percent of that never land an agent, five percent of those never see the publishing light of day …   

What the hell was I thinking? Even if I managed to flag down one of many gatekeepers, I was up against seasoned professionals. That childish belief melted like a snowman in a winter thaw.  

Imagining stories and writing them down had always been easy for me.  Who knew there were rules, lots of rules, pretty rules for the gate-keeping cadre? Took the next few years to learn how to write, but at least I kept at it. It changed my writing style, some of it good, some of it that chipped away at my writing voice. I emerged as a self-taught gatekeeper and entered a mobius strip of write, edit, critique, prune, rinse, repeat. I’d write ten-thousand words, and trash about eight. Where once it took me six-to-eight months to finish a book, now swelled to a couple years.

Then someone asked, “Why are you still at it after all these years?” It was the same as asking, why do you still believe?  Good question. I didn’t have an immediate canned reply. In a moment of self-reflection, I rephrased the question. What plants me in front of an empty screen starving for words? I found the answer in the bio I’d written many years ago.

With an imagination that never sleeps, DT has a muse who refuses to be hobbled as a mere dream.

I’d forgotten that I write because I can’t help myself. I don’t need a reason. All I need is to believe I can translate the muse in my head and create magic on a page.

As for swimming the murky waters of publishing, cue line from the movie, Galaxy Quest. Never give up, never surrender. If the current project doesn’t float, I’ll move on and write something new. For me, the real fun is in the creating. 

To my fellow writers, may your holiday spirit be amply laced with a child-like belief in yourself.



GLVWG Write Stuff Writers Conference™ Introduces CYBER WEEK! December 1st-December 7th, 2019


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