Ms. Hushbequiet No Longer Lives Here


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From: pkchai

From: pkchai

Who remembers the horn-rimmed spinster with the arctic scowl and tummy-curdling hush at public libraries of old? Removing a book from the reference section got you two to five. The libraries of my youth were colonnaded stone and brick edifices with many corners for a kid to hide. Libraries had significance in a time when books cost more than some folks made in a week, and everything was free with the coveted library card. The universal alibi for teens when asked where they’ve been: “I was at the library”. More than just a place, it was an adventure, a journey, an opportunity to peek over a weighty tome to see if Margie at the other table, noticed me.

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Escapism of the Highest Order


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From Pinterest - kimmie-bee

From Pinterest – kimmie-bee

Every once in a while I catch an article written by a young adult that is both enlightening and heartwarming. High School freshman, Eva Johnson shared her thoughts with the Allentown Morning Call about how Reading Books Gives a Chance to Escape to Unknown Places. She begins with a story of how her younger brother said “the most earth-shattering, heart-breaking thing” to her.

“Reading Sucks”.

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Welcome Eileen Charbonneau – Author of Historical Fiction and YA


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Eileen Photo with Natalie

It is an honor to welcome, Eileen Charbonneau, award-winning author of ten novels, nine of them novels. Eileen is represented by the Aponte Literary Agency, (that’s Natalie Aponte sitting next to her).

In celebration of her newly released audiobook, Waltzing in Ragtime, be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy from


Do Tell

My pal and fellow Aponte Literary agency novelist Juilene Osborne-McKnight is fond of saying that we humans are hotwired for story.  As professional storytellers both separately and together (as Sisters in Story), we have experienced the profound power of story first hand.

I remember sweating bullets when I was last on the bill at a regional Boy Scout meeting.  After the ceremonies, the loud sing alongs, the sugary snack time, I felt like I was walking into the ring of Dante’s Inferno.  But as soon as I began the story of a boy who made friends with an eagle and asked to fly with him to Skyland, all was quiet.  What would happen next?  Why didn’t the boy heed the eagle’s warnings about boundaries?  Would the boy ever find his way home?

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I’m Guest Blogging this Week with Author M.V. Freeman


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Paperbacks Papercuts

It’s not often I get to hobnob with bestselling authors, and this week, I’m with M.V. Freeman, author of Urban Fantasy and Romance.  We share a similar taste for stories of shadow and light, and coffee with cream.

Check out my answers to her interview questions at Paperback’s n’ Papercuts.


Let’s Start at the Ending


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The End Tanisha

Please welcome Tanisha D. Jones, an author of Urban Theological Mythological Slightly Erotic Romance (Paranormal romance if that confused you).  Tanisha shares with us her thought process behind the main character in her short story, Serenity.  It’s dark, imaginative, and you can find it on her site here.

“She was worth every penny.”

I have developed a fascination with endings.  I can see the end of a movie without watching any other part to decide if that’s something I want to see. Whenever I buy a new book, I read the last line first it just makes me curious as to what happened before to get to this particular line. What happened to get to this very definitive sentence? It’s also the way I write.   I like to believe that what I write is an amalgam of O’Henry and Flannary O’Connor with a hint of Anne Rice,  confusing but beautifully weird.

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Guest Blogging with Author D.B. Sieders


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Stuart Miles -

Stuart Miles –

Author D.B. Sieders is hosting me on her site this week. D.B. and I share a similar educational background in biology.  She stayed the course through graduate school to become a working scientist.  My road to a biology degree took a few detours. Join me as I muddle through the tricky wicket of advice on the writing craft.

Read More of: “I’m Confused Enough Already”

DB Sieders

D.B. Sieders – Musings from the Music City Writer

Welcome Author, Ariel Swan – Purveyor of Paranormal Fiction


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The Floater - By Lori Nix

Floater – By Lori Nix

Please welcome author Ariel Swan. We share a similar taste for old Victorian homes, rural New England settings, art by Lori Nix, and a make-believe world in our heads that would make Walter Mitty proud. A high school English teacher by day, Ariel loves nothing better than to find a quiet corner or shaded tree and dream up a new story.  I’ve asked her to tell us about the last two books she completed, what inspired her to write, and how she found the time between grading papers and coaching teens how to embrace the inner writer within.

Take it away Ariel.

DISTILLATION is the story of Alice Towne, who has been trying to get pregnant and to be a good wife, but the smell of the dead is getting in the way. She smells their memories, sweet and sour, essences of life hanging on with the soul. When her husband can’t accept her for who she is and his disdain borders on abuse, Alice finds the strength to leave. With few options, she agrees to do a favor for her mother, caretaking a house in the hills of western, Massachusetts, where she hopes to exorcise her demons and come to terms with her curse in solitude.

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Guest Blogging This Week with Ariel Swan


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Photopin-Flickr Charlie Reynolds

Photopin-Flickr Charlie Reynolds

This week, I’m guest blogging with author, Ariel Swan.  

Ariel and I share a similar taste for old Victorian homes, rural New England settings, art by Lori Nix, and a make-believe world in our heads that would make Walter Mitty proud. In a departure from my usual postings, I’ve decided to share a sneak peak of my current story: Lasty, a dystopian tale of mankind’s date with extinction, and a young couple’s reluctant journey to prevent it.

Ariel Swan

“As a novelist, by definition I live in a world of make-believe.”


Happy Valentine’s Day – I Bought You a Shovel


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Out the Kitchen Door - Feb 14, 2014

DT Krippene:  Out the Kitchen Door – Feb 14, 2014

Ah … L-Amour.  Let me measure the depth of my love for you.  TWO FEET.  I’d use inches, but you’d get the wrong idea.

I know you wanted chocolates, my dear, but I bought two shovels  instead.  Aren’t they cute?  His and hers, and I made sure to get bright red, the color of love.  It’s easy to find if you drop it in a snow drift.  Think of the fun we’ll have, side by side like the pioneers of yesteryear.  Afterwards, we can build a snowman, or snowwoman, laugh at our icy Michelangelo sculpture with anatomically correct parts. I didn’t realize all you have is flat tops for shoes.  Maybe an extra pair of socks will help.

I know we had reservations at Maxim’s, but I think they’re closed.  I forgot to hit the store yesterday, but I have some Vienna sausage and a can of cream of celery soup.  Might have some jerky left over from my last hunting trip. We can warm our toes by the fire in our long johns, drink the airline miniature liquor samples I’ve been hoarding for days like this, maybe watch Groundhog Day. Yeah, we’ve seen it, but 14th time’s a charm.  Oh, forgot to mention the weather forecast.  They’re calling for another 4-6 inches tomorrow.  Won’t that be fun?  We can sing the holiday classic – “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?”

What’s that, my dear?  Go what myself ….?

Hey, come on now.  Isn’t my fault that Punxsutawney gopher got all transgender on us, changed his name to Phyllis and said she wasn’t coming out until May.  No, dear, that was caused by something called a polar vortex.  The arctic Inuit natives put a whammy on us southerners for causing global warming and melting the ice packs, messing up a lifestyle that goes back thousands of years. I think those rascally Canadians caused this storm.  They got it out for us … something about wanting to share the love … of winter.  Sure, we can pack up and visit your sister in South Carolina, but the car has been buried in a snowdrift by the road plow.  They charge a fine for parking in a snow emergency route?  I didn’t know it was going to be an emergency.  Besides, your sister got a foot of snow as well and her town doesn’t have road plows like ours, so consider ourselves lucky.

Should have gone to the Olympics in Sochi, I hear the weather is balmy.  What?   I thought it was funny.  Gee whiz, what a grumpy pants.

Hey, look what I found … a couple of Hershey kisses left over from Christmas.  Looks like you’ll get chocolate after all.  Give me a hug.

Oh, babe … you kiss your mother with that mouth?

MV Freeman – Best Selling Author of Urban Fantasy and Romance


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Please welcome MV Freeman, bestselling author with a penchant for anti-heroes and determined heroines.  We share a common interest with stories that search for light in the dark, and it’s an honor to have her guest blogging this week.

The Draw of the Bad Guy.

Thank you D.T. for letting me visit your blog!

I am a cross-genre writer.  I write Urban Fantasy with a high dose of romance. I’m an action adventure person with a love of morally conflicted characters which means:

Yes, I tend to like the bad guy.

Let me clarify—I enjoy the bad guy in movies and books—not in real life.  Reality is filled with bad, we know it, it’s in the news; watch it every day with our interactions.  Which is why I’ll stick to fiction—perfect place to explore this attraction, because in truth I’d run the other way!

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