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Konradbak - Depositphotos.com

Konradbak – Depositphotos.com

This week, I’m guest blogging at author Tanisha Jones site, with an article on, A Fascination with Post Apocalyptic Stories.   Click the linked title and get beamed directly to the article on her site.  

There is no safety this side of the grave.”

Robert A. Heinlein – Stranger in a Strange Land

Whether you write divinely dark romance like Tanisha, or dark dystopian tales like me, Heinlein’s quote relates to us both.  If you haven’t read Serenity, Tanisha’s short story posted on her site, be prepared for the forebodingly exotic.

Stop on by at Tanisha D. Jones, Author of Divinely Dark Romance. Tell me what fascinates you in a post-apocalyptic tale.  Then check out Serenity …… if you dare.